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May 18, 2019 Industry News 239 views

Nanjing Air Shower Factory—The air shower is the only way for employees to enter the clean room and the non-clean room. Through the air shower room, a large amount of dust particles brought by people or goods entering and leaving the clean room can be better and effectively removed, thereby ensuring the cleanliness of the clean room. So, how to buy an air shower has become a difficult thing for companies to decide; choosing a good quality air shower is like choosing to buy a house. It requires careful planning.

Precautions for the use of Nanjing air shower manufacturers

(1) Read the instruction manual carefully before use, and fully grasp the structure, performance, installation, use and maintenance methods and precautions of the air shower.

(2) Once a problem with the fan is found, it should be shut down for inspection at any time.

(3) Regularly remove foreign matter in the pipes before and after the fan to prevent accidents. The lubricating grease of the transmission parts should be replaced regularly. The fan should be rainproof in the open air.

(4) In case of changes in weather conditions, valves should be used to adjust the air volume.

(5) Regularly measure the current of the fan motor. Under normal circumstances, the measured current should be less than the rated current.

Therefore, the commonly used gas sources can be roughly divided into the following types according to their uses:

1) Dry air source?? Space disinfection, tap water treatment, swimming pool water, aquaculture water, production circulating water, reclaimed water reuse, etc.

2) Oxygen-rich source?? Use places with high ozone concentration requirements, such as purified water, mineral water, sewage treatment, medical and food workshops, etc.

3) Industrial oxygen source-high purity requirements, more important concentration requirements, small air volume applications, etc.

3. For disinfection applications in large spaces, such as the sterilization and disinfection of workshops in the pharmaceutical, food and other industries, special pipelines should generally be installed to distribute the ozone to the workshops to make the ozone evenly distributed, and some can be connected to the air duct pipelines of the central air conditioning. This method sometimes causes corrosion and ozone depletion of the metal parts of the air-conditioning duct.

4. For water treatment, it is mainly equipped with a dosing device that dissolves ozone in water, generally divided into aeration type (direct aeration or oxidation tower type), venturi jet type, vortex negative suction type or HICHINE pump mixed type And so on, the water-soluble efficiency of the above can be improved sequentially, and the efficiency of the HICHINE pump can reach more than 95%.

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