Medical Center Waste Monitoring

Hospital Waste Management in Addition to Competitive costs as Pakistan is a competitive market. We have a complete setup with Office, Client Relations, Import / Export, Biomedical Department, Application Support Department & Project Designing Department.Description        Minimum Requirements
Description or grate/hearth    A full hearth supplied to stop contaminated liquids from flowing into the ash pit without being incinerated
Weight excluding chimney    15, 000kg at manufacture
Refractory thickness
Auxiliary  fuel    Electrically operated only
Mixing chamber volume    At least 1 cubic meters
Height from base    3.5 mm mild steel
Bracing — Heavy angle and station.
Control panel — Circuit breakers, main switch, timer, pilot lights, 2 set point pyrometer and one set point pyrometer.
At least 127mm.
Temperature of case    100⁰C

At least 560mm
At least 750Kg
Primary chamber volume    At least 3 cubic meters
Loading door opening    Minimum 700mm x 600mm
Paint: Case and heap 400⁰C Heat Resistant Grey
Hearth area    5.00square meters

Air provide


Barometric indicator, door controlled draught limiter