Huainan-Nanjing-Shanghai 1000kV AC UHV transmission and transformation project uses Nanjing Yixiou Ecolead air shower

May 18, 2019 company news 317 views

The 1000kV Huainan-Nanjing-Shanghai 1000kV AC UHV Transmission and Transformation Project is an important part of the National Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan of the Jiangsu Power Transmission and Transformation Company. It can increase the scale of power transmission from Anhui to East. Strengthen the capacity of the East China Load Center to receive power from outside the area, improve the safety and stability of the power grid, meet the demand for power from the economic and social development of the Yangtze River Delta, and create conditions for the long-distance, large-capacity, and low-loss transmission of the western coal power base to give full play to grid optimization The network and market functions of resource allocation realize the optimal allocation of energy resources in a wider range. More importantly, it is of great significance to meet the continuously increasing demand for electricity, implement the air pollution prevention and control action plan, and ensure the sustainable development of the economy and society. The air shower room designed by Nanjing Yixiou is a mobile door cover type, which can be pushed and pulled as required, and can be interlocked and connected with the entrance door of the dust-free area. It is equipped with a professional automatic control system, which is strict with the workshop. Ventilation performance, clean performance, durability performance and other aspects are matched. The installation and commissioning process has been affirmed and recognized by the owner. It is undoubtedly another verification of the excellent quality and excellent service of Nanjing Ecolead air shower room.

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