Health care risk waste as well as likewise basic waste burner

We seek a lasting growth consequently we are embracing an enduring medical waste monitoring system, that includes building a modern long-lasting incinerator that will certainly not only provide for our center yet also for the many other centers in the larger place of the location. Waste type: health care threat waste and standard waste
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Case:5 mm moderate steel.
Burner wall surface surfaces in addition to roof covering: 1550 ⁰ C castable monolithic refractory

8. Main chamber amount ± 1.05 cubic metres.
Packing door 5mm small steel lined with 1550 ⁰ C castable basic purpose high strength, high abrasion resistant monolithic refractory concrete.
First chamber 850 ⁰ C—- 900 ⁰ C.
Stainless-steel arrester display