Brief analysis of clean shed use

May 18, 2019 Industry News 202 views

The following is a brief introduction to the purpose of Nanjing Yixiou clean work shed. Customers know the actual use of clean sheds before they know whether their company needs clean sheds.

1. The purification level of the external workshop of the electronic workshop and other workshops is low, and the interior requires higher level requirements, such as assembly line work area, inspection table, special equipment work that releases dust particles or special odors. It is suitable for the construction of local small areas and the core The process is controlled in a clean area to increase the product yield. Especially some production equipment in the optoelectronic industry will release odors during the production process. The built-in fan filter system on the top of the Ecolead clean shed can further improve the internal air quality and provide employees with comfort Air environment.

2. The laboratory and scientific research unit are outside the general office and workshop area. The individual experimental research content needs to have a certain temperature, humidity, illuminance, and cleanliness requirements. The experimental work of specimens, bacteria, pharmaceutical ingredients, etc. is controlled in the clean room area to improve The success rate of scientific research projects.

3. In the fields of medicine and food, in the production and packaging process, it is generally recommended to use Nanjing Yixio’s 100-class clean shed. The higher the level, the safe and hygienic products produced can meet the national drug GMP and food QS standards. It can also achieve the trust of consumers. In the sales of clean sheds in recent years, more and more catering industries are gradually paying attention to food safety and hygiene control. Clean sheds, air showers and other equipment are widely used in fast food, cooked food, frozen food, bread baking and other enterprises.

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