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Version YD-100 Photo Burning Price 100-150 kgs/hour Trick Burning Chamber 2000 Liters Secondly Combustion Chamber 500 Liters Feed Establishing Handbook Voltage 220V/380V Power 2.5 Kw Gas Kind Diesel Oil Heating Unit Italy Original Oil Intake (Diesel Oil) Average 28 kg/hour Gas Use (Gas) *** Inner Measurements 180x115x98 centimeters (key chamber) Outside Measurements 270x185x280cm (without chimney) […]
The first is a small 20kg/per hr incinerator for a small-medium sized hospital, and the second is a 500kg per/hr incinerator for a company planning to start a incineration service in Lahore.Burn Rate : >200 kg per hour Average fuel consumption : ~29 kg per hour ( Or lesser) Gas Retention in Secondary Chamber : […]
heating units that can take care of Bio-Medical waste (red bag) from lab with level 2 in enhancement to 3, family pet research study, as well as health. Website 1– – – – 4,650 Kgs routine month-to-month (I have suggest that I set up 2 heaters at this area offered that it is a clinical […]
in acinerator with 300 kg/ hr by twin filter wet along with dry.Pet Cadaver Incinerator upto 80 kg, gas run resembles. pet waste heating unit with capacity pertaining to 40Kgs. We will utilize this thing to thaw the animal continues to be alike technique (not ill aninal). Can you please in advance me quote for […]
50 bed healthcare center in addition to additionally would appreciate to have your referral for heater that can properly take care of the lots of 50 bed hospital.Incinerator for burnable rubbish (paper & & & & & & & & all-natural) gadget capability (100/150 lts). Bio Medical Waste Incinerators, Capability: 50kgs per hr Medical Waste […]
Hen Burner – – – – – – – – 400 kgs feed per day.a little scale burner of losing capability 30kg/hr= 1No. Note that it needs to be mobile as this is meant for oil areas service tented camps. It needs to be diesel run as our area is remote. 150! kg per human […]
common daily bloodbath entails 120 pigs. The Condemned thing along with additionally results from the abattoir for disposal is around 1000 kgs.daily – – – – – – – – Waste will be with automatic feeding system right into the burner. – – – – – – – – Control board will absolutely be fitted […]
Incinerator but the dimension of chamber > > 2000 x >> 1200 mm. Prepare yourself for thaw LIQUID Waste +/- 20 liter/hr. Sustained by Heavy OIL Burner.waste disposal heater, effective in taking care of both damp as well as completely dry waste. Which include house hold wastes along with completely dry fallen leaves. The chamber […]
2 medical waste incinerators model YD-50, 150 kg feed capacity, 220/380 V, 50 Hz c/w 5 mtr. chimney. Bio-medical waste management plant requirements: Disinfecting/sterilizing the contaminated medical wastes, main combustion chamber, post combustion chamber, heat exchanger, ash removal units and flue gas treatment systems, with the following details: Hourly capacity of the system:           from 250 […]
50 kg/  hour  capacity incinerators ·        Burning Rate: 50kos/hr ·        Feed Capacity:  150kqs ·        Primary  Combustion  Chamber:  900 liters ·        Secondary  Combustion  Chamber:  300 liters ·        Mix Combustion  Chamber:  Yes ·        Smoke Filter Chamber:  Yes ·        Feed Mode: Manual ·        Power: 0.7Kw ·        Fuel Type: Diesel Oil/ Natural Gas/LPG ·        Internal Dimensions:  120 x 90 […]