How long does it take to change the filter material of the automatic winding filter?

May 22, 2019 Industry News 320 views

How long does it take to replace the filter material of Nanjing Yixi’s automatic winding filter?

  How long does it take to change the filter material of the automatic winding filter?

1. It varies from region to region. The pollution in the north is more serious than that in the south, because there is less vegetation in the north, and if the pollution is serious, the speed of filter replacement will be faster. For example, in winter in Shijiazhuang, the filter material will be wound once a week or so. The filter cotton with a height of 3 meters and a length of 15 meters needs to be replaced in more than a month; while in Guangzhou, it is only wound once a month. Can be used for more than half a year. differ greatly.

2. Varies due to different seasons. The pollution is more serious in winter than in summer. In summer, because of more precipitation and more water vapor content in the air than in winter, a large amount of dust is sent back to the ground, and the air quality is better. Moreover, the summer is not as cold and dry as the winter monsoon, and there is less dust. Therefore, the summer filter material can be used longer.

3. The environmental conditions in some areas will also be affected. If there are large-scale coal and metallurgical enterprises in the local area, or long-term civil construction projects, the PM2.5 value will be too large, and the main pollutant in the air-dust will increase. In this way, the time taken by the cotton filter will naturally differ between two neighboring places.

4. In addition, the time of filter replacement is also related to the value set by the differential pressure switch. The factory setting value of our company is 100~150Pa, and the time of 100Pa filter cotton is shorter than 150Pa. This should be adjusted according to the needs of the owner.

It is always mentioned that the question of how often the filter material of the roller shutter air filter is changed by the business personnel often varies from customer to customer, region to region, and use environment. It cannot be generalized. If you need to learn more about automatic roller shutter filtration For knowledge of filter media, please contact Nanjing Yixiou sales staff.

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