Day: February 6, 2022

Basic Info. Model NO.:A4000 Pullution Sources:Solid Waste Processing Processing Methods:Combustion Export Markets:Global Additional Info. Trademark:CLOVER Product Description Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co., Ltd.. Items/Model A1500 A2400 A4000 A5500 Burning Rate *animal 90 kgs/Hr. 150 kgs/Hr. 200 kgs/Hr. 400 kgs/Hr. Feed Capacity *animal 120 kgs 200 kgs 300 kgs 500 kgs Equipment Weight 7000 kgs 8300 […]
We are having serious concern in expanding our operation in Agricultures, especially in Breeding Livestock section, which involves Pig Production as well.Our vision is to develop herd of 500,000 marketed pigs within 5 years, which supplied 1,000,000 porkers to the market yearly. We concern how to handling with pig’s placenta and mortality from newborn pig, […]
30kgs per hour(average) medical waste incinerator, design dual  combustion chambers(primary chamber and secondary chamber),  smoke filter chamber, PLC auto. control system, 0.33m3(330liters) primary combustion chamber, italy oil or gas fuel burner. for small  hospital medical waste treatment. Buy waste incinerator, find hiclover Items/Model TS30 PLC Idea Waste Incineration Burn Rate Criterion 30kgs/hour Gas Kind Diesel Oil/Natural […]
May 18, 2019 company news 276 views In order to better publicize the company’s website and promote the company’s main products: clean sheds, winding filters, air showers and other related sales work, the company’s leaders have decided that all employees of the company will participate in the promotion of the company’s official website. The specific […]
Description du produit Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co., Ltd. est l’un des principaux fabricants d’incinérateurs de déchets en Chine. Nous sommes un fabricant local et l’un des plus grands exportateurs de Chine. L’équipement technique d’incinérateur pyrolytique est le principal traitement des déchets dans le monde entier, pour les déchets médicaux, l’incinération animale, la crémation des […]
описание продукта Clover поставляет установки для сжигания медицинских отходов, крематоры для домашних животных и животных, а также установки для сжигания других твердых отходов более чем в 30 стран. Мы переработали конфигурацию футеровки мусоросжигательных печей. Мы также разработали и установили нашу собственную компьютерную систему с ПЛК в операционную систему мусоросжигательного завода. Clover знает, что важно создавать […]
Basic Info. Export Markets:Global Additional Info. Trademark:CLOVER Origin:Cn Product Description 6. Regarding Fumigation/Disinfection Certificate —Apr. 18th, 2012  Fumigation/Disinfection Certificate is a certification document that Fumigation/Disinfection upon the shipping wooden carton or container, to kill the virus or pest. When we do custom clearance in China (Export), China custom do not request this document, because this […]
1) Policy – Waste disposal management shall be taken special note to reduce hospital infection. – Infections wastes shall be managed, stored strictly and burnt by a incinerator located at hospital website.   2) Waste Disposal Plan a)Classification – Medical wastes in hospital are classified as follows;   Infections Waste Specially-controlled waste Organ, needle, etc. Industrial waste […]